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Exercise Book 2015U.S. Customs Broker License Examination
Practice Exam Questions

Author: Law Office of Yuri Starikov, LLC
Edition: Fourth
Publication Date: July 27, 2015
ISBN-10: 0991144163 | ISBN-13: 978-0-9911441-6-7
Length: 808 pages
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About Exercise Book

Welcome to the exciting world of Customs! Customs Brokerage is a licensed profession. Passing the Customs Broker Examination is a prerequisite for an individual’s Customs Broker license. Passing is not easy, and statistics confirm that the majority of exam takers do not pass. The challenge lies not in the difficulty of questions themselves, but in the amount of time customs examiners allocate to examinees. My interaction with students with little or no customs experience shows that everyone is able to understand the most difficult of questions. This means it is not the difficulty of questions, but rather the amount of time provided, which leads many not to pass. The problem, therefore, lies in time management! Fortunately, this can be corrected. But such correction requires dedication and practice. Many exam questions you will see on the exam are similar to those questions asked in previous exams. Some are even identical. An examinee who sees a familiar question on the exam is likely to spend less time to answering it. This means more time being left to answer more difficult and less familiar questions, resulting in a greater likelihood of success.

The Exercise Book is designed to do just that: to help examinees pass the Customs Broker Exam. The approach is very simple. We take the very questions that examiners have asked before, and provide rationale for their answers. The rationale – or reasoning – causes examinees to revisit topics tested while providing the structure and organization. The structure helps to build a framework that can be applied to a variety of questions. During the exam, even if the examinee would not recall the structure, the familiarity with the question would help. The Exercise Book consists of: Table of Contents; Table of Questions; Table of Topics; Approach to Answering Questions; Practice Exam Questions; and Practice Exam Answers. Exercise Book is supplemented with video discussions and supplemental reading on the internet, through Web Supplements. Most video discussions can be viewed/streamed in HD format through smartphone, tablet, computer or similar digital device.

Table of Questions correlates questions to answers, which contain explanation as to how these answers were derived. Questions in Exercise Book are tied to actual Customs Broker Exam questions that examiners tested previously. Few questions were designed by the author and are based on customs exam trends. Some questions were modified to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or government practices.

Table of Topics point to questions that cover or touch the specific topic in question, such as regulation or directive. Customs examiners tend to ask questions that encompass multiple topics in a single question. For this reason, examinees will find the same question appearing under several categories. This table is a useful tool for examinees wishing to prepare for exam topic by topic.

Approach to Answering Questions is devoted to methodology for answering questions. The methodology is designed to help examinees conquer questions in as little time as possible.

Practice Exam Questions are “raw” questions that invite examinees to tackle questions on their own. Each question is followed by the page providing the correct answer and explanation.

Practice Exam Answers provide answers and, most importantly, the detailed reasoning for such answers. Reasoning lays foundation for deriving correct answers, citing applicable laws, regulations, and directives. Some answers are supplanted by Web Supplements.

This Edition of Exercise Book has 569 questions.


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