American Bar Association

Many of us are busy with the daily hurdles at work, school, home, and elsewhere.  But once in a while we all need to take a step back or aside and think about the big picture.  In those moments, a good question to think about perhaps would be a purpose of your actions and the daily deeds.  Such a holistic question cannot be answered in a vacuum and general perspectives of other thinkers may prove to be helpful, especially if those thinkers are like minded individuals.  Part of LawCustoms project is to seek out communities of people interested in international trade and share their perspectives.  Today, LawCustoms would like to share resources made available by one such community at the American Bar Association: the International Law Section Committees:

  • International Trade Committee.  The committee “follows international trade proceedings and trade policy, primarily with regard to the regulation of imports, both in the United States and abroad.”  It makes available to the general public a variety of publications and program materials related to the international trade topic.
  • Customs Law Committee.  Publishes newsletters and publications related to customs law.
  • Export Controls and Economic Sanctions Committee.  Makes available good educational, training, and practical materials related to the U.S. export regime.